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Vasayo MLM Company Real Review

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Invite and thank you for reading my Vasayo Evaluation! If you have landed here today chances are you have actually discovered that there has been some buzz about a brand-new company called Vasayo. Now maybe you were approached by a member of the family or good friend about this brand-new business. It’s time for another review!

I constantly state, “the best method to keep your hard-earned cash safe … is to successfully research any brand-new business before joining them”. If you are looking for a review after reading this go to this website. Always helps to get a second opinion.

Also remember that before I go further into this evaluation … that I remain in no other way associated with Vasayo. This suggests that you will be getting a third-party unbiased review on this business. By the end of this review you will have all the info you need, in order to choose if this will be a great fit for you or not.

Make sure to stick with me here till the end since I will be exposing a proven way and system to assist you increase your ROI by over 300%. I will also explain whether

Nevertheless, this review will cover the company background, the items and the compensation plan.

Now with that being said, let’s dig in … shall we!.

Before going further you can hear from a Doctor about Vasayo here:

Vasayo was established by Dallin Larsen and his spouse Karree Larson who are also the creators of Monavie back in 2005. After over 10 years … because Monavie they are back on the scene with another major multi level marketing launch.

Far, I searched social media to see if there were any official Facebook groups or groups etc and I found that there appears to be a few growing groups, which at this current minute is okay because the business is set to make it’s complete launch in January 2017 … Not much more to go on so far, so let’s keep going!

The Products Offered By Vasayo.

There are currently 5 primary items offered in the Vasayo line of product and I’ve noted the products are listed below:.

1: Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Fundamentals.
2: Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro.
3: Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Energy.
4: Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Renew.
5: Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep.

It’s also said by the company that with the Vasayo vitamins and nutritional supplements … you get higher absorption (about 90% absorption) instead of the average absorption rates in many other supplements sold in markets.

Vasayo Payment Plan

This company will be a binary payment technique and they already have a leading master provider power couple Holly and Corbin Roush coming right from evictions from their previous company Monavie team.

Dallin wants to put it out there that this company remains in pre-launch so anyone can have a position in this company.


There are 8 approaches to make loan and a 60% pay so that individuals can start making a minimum of $500-$ 1000 monthly.

In accordance with my research study the business compensation plan is as follows:.

1. 8 Ways to acquire commissions (we will not comprehend till launch date what those information are).
2. 5% Executive benefit check match.
3. 7 Generations deep in the binary settlement method.
4. Well balanced front, middle and leading level.
5. You register as a customer at first with them.

Vasayo is taking in employees for leaders to position themselves beginning November 21, 2016 and after that January 3, 2017 is when the soft launch will go live.

Final Thoughts On Vasayo

In total Vasayo is a legit business and to address the primary question,” are they keeping secrets from you?” The answer is “NO”! Nevertheless, would I advise starting with them? I’ll leave that option up to you. The main thing that you may want to think about is this, the health and wellness industry is a really competitive field and in order to succeed you’ll have to work hard in order to stick out from the rest of the crowd.

I hope you enjoyed my evaluation and found out important insights about the company.

Always remember these key things:

If you have the background and satisfy these 8 leadership credentials:

1. You have to be a leader who is apart of the group.
2. You need to be a leader who is modest.
3. You have to be a leader who is looking for significance.
4. You must have shown management abilities.
5. You have to be a leader with knowledge.
6. You have to be a leader who can be relied on and is reliable.
7. You have to be a leader in shift.
8. You ought to be a leader who has in fact established big business.

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