Windfall For Lucky Pools Fan

David Longstaff couldnt believe his luck when he found out his numbers had come up and hed won 500 the 24th winner of such a prize in just over a year that Goldline has been in operation! A machine operator at The Expanded Metal Company, David was already planning some celebratory drinks after collecting his cheque from Victoria Park. I will definitely be having a few in celebration now, laughed David, who has been following Pools for many years and lists Bob Newton among his favourite players. I think my wife might have some plans for the money too but its a nice bonus so I was delighted when I found out Id won. Ive been playing Pools Goldline for a while, I actually share with my mate Eddie at work so Im just trying to decide whether I tell him weve won! You can enter Pools Goldline for just 1 a week and you could be the next person to win big while also supporting the Clubs Youth Development. Click here for more information on how you can get involved and help the Club. Related Articles 21 Aug 2013 Reserves Ready For Doncaster Test Pools Reserves play their first home game of the campaign tonight when they host Doncaster Rovers at Billingham Town (7pm kick-off). 21 Aug 2013 Red Alert: Away Kit Set For Sale Pools brand new away kit will be on sale to supporters for the first time when it is launched in the Club Shop on Saturday morning. 21 Aug 2013 Commentary And Video On Your Phone You can now watch the latest from The Vic and listen to live commentary on your mobile devices. 20 Aug 2013
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Dirnbauer matched five of five white ball numbers but missed the Hot Ball to win the game’s $30,000 second prize but because he purchased the Sizzler option for an additional dollar, his prize was tripled to $90,000. Dirnbauer chose his own numbers when he purchased his winning ticket at BJ’s Country Store/Conoco on Lazelle in Sturgis but says he hadn’t originally intended to get the multiplier feature. “I’ve only played Sizzler a couple of times on Hot Lotto and I wasn’t planning to this time but there was a mark on the play slip so that’s how the ticket came out. Thank god it was on there,” Dirnbauer said. BJ’s is one of two places Dirnbauer usually buys his Hot Lotto tickets; the store will get a $9,000 bonus for the sale. Dirnbauer learned he was a winner when he checked his numbers on the Lottery website and though he hasn’t been a big winner for long, he’s already got some plans for his winnings. “I just bought a brand new motorcycle so now I can pay it off. And I’ll pay some bills, put the rest in savings,” he said. Dirnbauer’s Hot Lotto ticket wasn’t the only big winner from the August 17 drawing. A ticket sold in Piedmont matched four of five numbers and the Hot Ball to win the game’s $3,000 third prize. That ticket holder also purchased the Sizzler option, tripling their prize to $9,000. That winning ticket was sold at Elk Creek Valley Market on Hwy 79 in Piedmont.
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